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Complete These 4 Home Maintenance Tasks Before Fall

The 3 Levels of a Stucco Inspection

1. Clean Your Gutters It’s recommended that homeowners clean their gutters twice yearly, around the late fall and again in the spring. You can get a jump start with cleaning in the late summer before any fall storms come through and then clean them again when the final leaf has fallen. Clogged gutters can lead […]

Protect Your Investment With a Commercial Property Inspection

Commercial Space

What Do We Examine at a Commercial Inspection? All-Pro Home Inspections can provide a general overview of all major systems and components in a commercial building, following the ASTM Standards 2018-01. These standards are also known as the Property Condition Assessment or PCA. We will examine structural components, HVAC equipment, plumbing systems, electrical components, and […]

Why You Need A Sewer Line Evaluation: Common Questions Answered

3 Benefits of a Camera Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer inspections are a valuable tool that can save you from costly sewer repairs or prevent sewer backups in the future. Sewer lines are not visible during a normal home inspection, so they require a special camera. Nashville Home Inspection offers sewer line evaluations to help you get ahead of any problems you may have. […]

Don’t Skip The Inspection On Your Newly Built Home

New Construction

Many homeowners have the misconception that if they are moving into a completely new home, then there is no need for any additional inspections. Does a newly built home constructed from brand new materials and inspected by the county really need an official inspection from a home inspector? Nashville Home Inspection will show you why […]

Identify 3 Common Yet Dangerous Home Issues With Our Services

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You’ve probably heard that buying a home is likely going to be the biggest investment you will make in your life. Of course, you will do whatever it takes to protect that investment, as well as protect your family. Nashville Home Inspection sees home investments that are threatened every day by some pretty major issues. […]

Could There Be Mold Lurking In Your Home?

Mold in home

There are certain words that no homeowner ever wants to hear, and “mold” is one of them. Mold can be dangerous to your health, as well as an expensive problem to fix. Nashville Home Inspection can provide mold testing to give you peace of mind, or to help take care of your issue before it becomes […]

Why You Need A One-Year Warranty Inspection On Your New Home

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Building a brand new home does not mean that it’s in perfect condition, free from issues. There are often problems that are uncovered in the first year that you live in your newly-built home, and you need to discover them while the home is still under the builder’s warranty. Nashville Home Inspection has a client-focused […]