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Mold Inspection & Testing

Having mold inside a home can impact a property investment considerably, but even more importantly, unabated mold exposure may result in serious health problems for homeowners and their family members. If you notice any of the signs of mold, we recommend that you schedule mold inspection and testing so you know for certain if you have a problem and how serious it is.

Signs of Mold

Visible Mold

Strong, Musty Odor

Moisture Problems

High Humidity Issues


Step 1

We test any areas of the house where mold is visible or where conditions are conducive to its growth. We can test the air for mold spores and we can test the visible mold in order to determine the type present.

Step 2

We send the samples to a third-party laboratory for analysis.

Step 3

We issue a report within 3 days that includes: Whether or not mold is present, the types of mold, the mold levels.



For Visible
Mold Problems

Price with a home inspection. Additional fees apply if conducted outside of a home inspection.

If mold is visible during the inspection, our NHI mold inspector can take a physical sample of that area. If mold is present in more than one area, there may be additional charges for each sample taken.

*Additional samples are $45 each

What Surface Tests Reveal

  • If harmful indoor molds are present.
  • If a spore exposure risk exists
  • If mold was previously removed from the house
  • Mold was previously removed from an existing area in the home

When To Schedule Surface Testing

  • Visible or suspected mold is present
  • Mold was previously removed from an existing area in the home


For Identifying Problems
in the Breathing Air

Price with a home inspection. Additional fees apply if conducted outside of a home inspection.

Certain types of mold release mold spores that can reach unhealthy levels inside your home. The only way to know for certain is to order an air quality mold test. This test includes one indoor air sample test and one outdoor baseline air sample test. As we compare the indoor and outdoor levels, we can determine if the indoor level is at an abnormal/dangerous level. If the area of concern is larger or if multiple levels in the home need to be tested, additional samples may be required.

*Additional samples are $45 each

What Air Quality Tests Reveal

  •  If mold spores are present indoors.
  • If the mold count level is detrimental to the indoor air quality.
  • If invisible problems exist in relation to mold growth, water intrusion, or humidity levels.

When To Schedule Air Quality Testing

  • Noticeable musty odors in the home.
  • Visible or suspected mold growth.
  • Past water intrusions problem.
  • Family members are prone to respiratory distress.
  • Verify the effectiveness of past mold remediation.


For Complete
Peace of Mind

Price with a home inspection. Additional fees apply if conducted outside of a home inspection.

Not all molds release spores into the air, so the only way to know for certain if mold is present on the surfaces and in the air of your home is to schedule both types of testing. Our complete package offered by mold inspectors includes the following: one (1) indoor air sample, one (1) control/baseline sample on the home’s exterior, and one (1) surface test of the affected area. If mold testing is not completed during a home inspection, there is a trip fee of $50.

*Additional samples are $45 each


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