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Sewer Line Evaluation

The challenge with sewer lines is that they are simply not visible to our home inspectors during a home inspection. The only way to know if you have a problem inside of the main sewer line is to allow our inspectors to run a sewer camera down the pipe. Get ahead of any problems by scheduling a thorough Sewer Line Evaluation.

Issues We May Uncover During an Evaluation​

Tree Root Intrusions

Sewer Line Failures

Broken Pipes

Sags in Pipeline

Construction Debris

Clogs of Any Kind


Since the main sewer line is underground, the only way to tell if a problem exists or is in danger of soon occurring is through a sewer line camera inspection.

No. In this inspection, we target the long main sewer line. Our protocol is to run the camera from the clean out to a maximum of 100 feet until it encounters either 1) an impassable issue, 2) the city’s sewer connection, or 3) the septic tank. Additional lines such as secondary drain lines, interior drain lines, and septic tanks are not part of this evaluation.

The cleanout can be situated in a number of places including the basement, crawl space, garage, or yard. Never fear, we will find it, remove the cap, and insert the camera.

Yes. At times we can’t complete the inspection if there is no cleanout, if the cleanout is inaccessible to the camera, or if the cleanout is not removeable. However, once the cleanout has been repaired, we will return to complete the inspection.

First, we locate the cleanout and insert the camera into the main sewer pipe. Then we run the camera up to 100 feet or until we encounter a blockage, the city’s sewer connection or the septic tank. Next, we document our findings with photos. After that, we fill out a sewer line evaluation report including our photos and documentation. Lastly, we issue the report within 24 hours of the evaluation.

Even if the home is a new build, certain situations can still occur. Tree roots can intrude the main sewer line, the line may be improperly installed, or the main line may be affected by breakages, clogs, or sags. The only way to know for sure is with an inspection.

Yes. Many older homes were built with cast iron pipes, which have an average life-expectancy of 40-60 years. In addition, mature trees could pose root intrusion problems.

If there is a large tree root intrusion or other type of blockage that prevents our camera from passing through the main pipe, then at that point, we will stop the inspection. We recommend that you call a plumbing contractor to get a complete evaluation.

No. During the inspection, we simply remove the cleanout cap, insert the camera, and then replace the cleanout cap to its original condition at the end. At any time if the camera is obstructed, we remove the camera and do not attempt to force it through.

If we find any problems, we will thoroughly document the issues with photo and written evidence (including the approximate footage of the problem) and present it to you in our report. At that point, we recommend that you contact a plumbing contractor to determine how to repair the damage.


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