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At NHI we offer reinspections for homeowners who have already completed one of our comprehensive home inspections and had work done to remedy the defects we uncovered during the first inspection. During this reinspection, we’ll note 1) that the repairs were completed and completed properly, and 2) if they need any additional work. A reinspection can help protect your home from future damage wrought by faulty repair work.


Whether you’re buying or selling a home or examining one you already own, the certified home inspectors of NHI have the expertise and tools to get the information you need. All of our inspectors utilize the latest technologies like drones and thermal cameras and as a company, we offer guarantees for Same or Next-Day Inspections, Same-Day Reports, and 200% Satisfaction.

Our Home Inspectors Adhere to the State of Tennessee Standards of Practice for Home Inspectors

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Residential Inspection

A complete inspection examines your home from top to bottom so you can make a confident purchasing decision with fewer surprises at closing.

Termite Inspection

Termites can eat away at your home’s load-bearing walls and support beams. If undetected, they will wreak havoc, causing irreversible damage.

New Construction

Just because your home is completely new, doesn’t mean it is issue-free. Catch mistakes the county inspector missed while the builder is still involved and can fix them for you.

Radon Test

Radon is a hazardous, cancer-causing gas that cannot be seen, smelled, or tasted. Secure peace of mind with a certified radon test.

Sewer Line Evaluation

Obtain a deeper understanding of your home’s unseen plumbing and get ahead of costly issues down the line.

Mold Testing

Untreated mold growth can damage your home and result in serious health problems for residents. Know before you buy with our rapid reports from lab-backed testing.


Reinspections further protect your investment by ensuring that any requested repairs to your home were properly conducted.

Pre-Listing Inspection

A pre-listing home inspection arms you with the knowledge and confidence you need to make the best decisions for selling your home.

All Services

Our encompassing range of services will give you the full picture of your home so you can make your investment with confidence!