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Top 5 Checklist Items for a New Construction Inspection

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1. Building Code Building codes are one of the most crucial items we assess during a new construction inspection. Our experts will determine whether there are code violations that need to be fixed by the builder. Keep in mind that our inspectors will spend more time carefully examining your home than a county inspector will. […]

Don’t Skip The Inspection On Your Newly Built Home

New Construction

Many homeowners have the misconception that if they are moving into a completely new home, then there is no need for any additional inspections. Does a newly built home constructed from brand new materials and inspected by the county really need an official inspection from a home inspector? Nashville Home Inspection will show you why […]

Why You Need A One-Year Warranty Inspection On Your New Home

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Building a brand new home does not mean that it’s in perfect condition, free from issues. There are often problems that are uncovered in the first year that you live in your newly-built home, and you need to discover them while the home is still under the builder’s warranty. Nashville Home Inspection has a client-focused […]